A Conference Called Wonder

A Conference Called Wonder
Sunday Assembly are really excited to announce our Annual Jamboree, A Conference Called Wonder in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Oooh.

. The weekend of May 19-21 will be jam packed with wonderment and fun and the chance to start, build and solidify awesome Sunday Assembly friendships. The opportunity to meet like minded people, discuss very big questions, contemplate very small things, wonder a lot and party together.

By day, we will be learning and sharing. By night, we will gather for beautiful experiences. One evening we’ll have an exploratory guided walk through the dark of Utrecht’s beautiful city centre, learning about its rich history and marveling at the light art installations along the way. Other nights will be full of music with Utrecht’s own ‘Ameezing band’, plus a mega-Assembly on the Sunday morning brought to you by a global collaboration of Assemblers.

We’ve already sold tickets to people from SA Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, London, Brighton, San Diego, Boston, Detroit, and we know there will be people from Berlin, Utrecht, Newcastle, Reading, and Amsterdam plus many more.

It’s the only chance this year to connect globally with members of the Sunday Assembly Movement that we are all a part of. We want you to be there too!

Go to www.aconferencecalledwonder.com for more information. Early bird tickets on sale until the end of February.