September Assembly - Speed Friending!!

Join us for a fun special event at Assembly in September! One of SASV's goals is to build an inclusive community, and that's what this Assembly is all about.

Do you remember our “philosophical speed dating” Assembly from a couple years ago? This time we’re calling it “speed friending,” and we’re making use of a Zoom feature that can automatically and randomly assign us to breakout rooms for each separate discussion cycle with 2-3 others, returning all of us to the main room after 8 minutes. We'll provide a variety of interesting discussion topics. This technique was a big hit at a recent SA East Bay Assembly! You can opt out of speed friending by returning yourself to the main room, but we think you'll have fun if you stay and share.

We'll be singing along with the band to Sweet Dreams by The Eurythmics, Try Everything by Shakira, and September by Earth, Wind & Fire. Crista will be our host, and Richard will share the Life Happens notes that you submit.

Join us! RSVP on the Meetup page to get the Zoom registration link. You'll be sent a Zoom confirmation email. Or join us on our Facebook page!

SASV is an inclusive secular community, meaning we don’t advocate for any religious or spiritual beliefs, but we do welcome and respect others, including LGBTQ, agnostics, atheists, humanists, and believers.

We usually have 30-40+ attendees. During the celebration, all but the presenters are muted, but you can sing along, text chat, and share your video so that you and your live image are part of the experience.