Sunday Assembly Silicon Valley (SASV) Guidelines for
creating member-suggested meetup (MSM) events on the SASV Meetup site

The purpose of MSMs is to promote community and provide opportunities for socializing, philanthropy, service, education, and friendship. Members are encouraged to suggest meetups on the SASV meetup site that comply with the following policy guidelines. It is at the discretion of the SASV Board of Directors to disallow any MSM.

1. Only those members who are active participants in the organization may propose a MSM.  
2. All MSMs must both support and not conflict with the SASV values as stated in our motto: "Live better, help often, wonder more".
3. All MSMs must promote a positive public perception of the secular community.
4. No MSM will be allowed which is in promotion of, or opposition to, a political issue or candidate.
5. Some MSMs may promote activities and events that are hosted by other organizations.  This will be allowed only if:
  • The activity/event complies with this policy;
  • The hosting organization shares common goals (as described in the mission and purpose statements) with SASV.