Past Events

November 2023: 10th Birthday!

Happy 10th birthday, SASV! We'll be celebrating this momentous occasion with a cake!

We'll sing along to some celebratory tunes:
Celebration - Kool & The Gang
Don't Stop Me Now - Queen
Happy - Pharrell Williams
Don't Stop Believin' - Journey

And we will share with each other what we most enjoy about SASV and good SASV memories.

October 2023: Remembrance

Autumn Leaves

Death is the ultimate reminder that we are not in control. It is a topic that is inevitably associated with loss and grief, hence one that is often turned away from. Yet contemplating it can serve as a wake-up call to the importance of living a meaningful life today and every day. Anthea Grimason will share her experiences as a death doula and offer considerations to help us prepare for death, looking at all aspects of this human life, from the physical body, to the emotional, mental and spiritual.

September 2023: Why We Do This

With so many things pulling at us for our time -- from work and family to hobbies and Netflix -- why do we choose to come to Sunday Assembly each month? Long-time SASV member Crista Alvey will share with us why Sunday Assembly offers something unique and important in our lives.

John is our emcee and offering a Doing Your Best. Elizabeth will share a Creative Space.

We’ll sing along with the band to

August 2023: Connected

Join us for another fun Assembly with a fascinating talk by SASV member Lindsey Kuper. If you've ever sent an email message, shared a photo on social media, played a networked computer game, or video chatted with a friend, then you've used a distributed computing system — and you've probably also encountered some of the many ways that they can go wrong! Lindsey will give us a glimpse of the science behind distributed systems.

We’ll also have Creative Space, Doing Your Best, and singalongs!

July 2023: Camp Life

There is so much to love about summer camp - being in the great outdoors, swimming and canoeing in lakes, sleeping in tents and tree houses, hikes, performing silly skits, learning how to identify poison oak and ivy, cooking over an open fire, and eating smores. This month, member Amy Baldwin will share why she believes every child should experience the joys of summer camp.

Lincoln Bourne will be our host, and we'll have Creative Space and Doing Your Best presentations. Plus we'll have lots of singalong camp songs!

June 2023: Summer Solstice

Not so long ago, the Earth’s rhythms and the cyclical nature of the seasons were utterly important to humans, and so we celebrated the summer solstice with gratitude for light, warmth, renewal and growth. In modern times we tend to take these things for granted, and often overlook this seasonal opportunity for giving thanks for everything good in our lives.

May 2023: Speed Friending


Speed Friending is back for this month! And so are pre-Assembly mimosas for celebrating Mother's Day!

Feeling shy about meeting some of our new members? Speed Friending is your opportunity to be paired one-on-one for a few minutes each with multiple random participants. We'll suggest friendly topics to stimulate conversation that will help you get to know one another!

We'll sing along with the band to:

April 2023: Science Matters

In April 1955, the world celebrated the creation of the first-ever polio vaccine. Funded via crowdsourcing and hyped by the media, it was a huge achievement. A month later, the vaccine was taken off the market. This is the story of mass vaccination and a mass vaccine scare. It's a story of why science matters and of human achievement. A contributing member for the past four years and passionate about history and science, Josh Abadie will be our speaker, and he plans to share some of that passion with us.

March 2023: Get Grounded

Are you familiar with Japanese Shinrin-yoku (Forest Bathing)? Our guest speaker this month is Kira White, Certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide and Founder of Forest Therapy Collective, based in the Bay Area. “Forest Therapy is a research-based framework for supporting healing and wellness through immersion in forests and other natural environments.” Come to our Assembly for an interactive presentation that demonstrates how it works!

Meetup event: Get Grounded