Past Events

October Assembly - Resilience

We want to make the most of the one life we know we have.

Our lives have meaning and purpose when we come together to better ourselves, help others, and improve our world.

We believe in good. We believe it is our responsibility to make our world a better place.
We believe in reason. We believe that evidence and science are our guiding stars through this life.
We believe in compassion. We believe that human connection makes life worth living.

We will share coffee and tea at 10:30 am, celebration at 11:00 am, and potluck at noon. Bring a dish to share!

September Assembly - (Re)Habilitation

Our guest speaker will be Kyle Robertson, Asst. Dir., Center for Public Philosophy and Lecturer in Philosophy at UCSC. He'll speak about the joys and challenges of philosophical inquiry in unusual spaces. Kyle believes that philosophy is a fundamental human activity, and that we should practice it in a variety of contexts outside of the University classroom. He will use his experiences working with elementary schoolchildren and inmates at San Quentin State Prison to illustrate his arguments.

August Assembly - Self-Acceptance

Raji Raman, SASV board member and leader of SASV's Compassionate Listening Smoup, will be sharing her thoughts on the value of self-acceptance and how it relates to compassion. After her introduction, she'll invite us to break into groups and participate in a short listening practice aimed at encouraging self-acceptance.

Also, Amy Baldwin will host, Alicia Bogart will be singing and playing ukulele, and Greg Coladonato will be sharing how he is doing his best.

July Assembly - Compassion

Our speaker, Lisa Blanchard, is the founder and executive director of the Grateful Garment Project, a non-profit that seeks to ensure that no victim of sexual assault ever experiences further suffering due to lack of resources. Sexual assault victims are often asked to give up their clothing as evidence after seeking medical attention and typically leave with nothing but a hospital gown to wear. The Grateful Garment Project provides clothes and other resources that they may need.

June Assembly - Happiness

Our speaker, Linnea Butler, LMFT and founder of the group therapy practice Bay Area Mental Health, is going to be discussing "the things that hold us back from happiness and perspectives on getting unstuck."

Alex Rudnick is going to be our host! Warren Schmidt is doing our reading and Josh Abadie is sharing his Doing Your Best.

Let's have a potluck after Assembly! See our new signup page for main, side, vegetarian, kid-friendly, and dessert dishes. No account or password needed. Please sign-up!

May Assembly - Exploration

All young-at-heart are invited to "Camp SASV," where we'll sing fun camp songs and hear about adventures at Camp Quest West, a secular summer camp.

Our guest speaker, Dr. Jessica Witchley, alumni staffer at Camp Quest West, will share what's new and tales of recent camp adventures. Come prepared to show off your critical thinking chops in Darwin's 20 Questions, a longtime camp activity that's good for all ages!

April Assembly - Rhythm

We're back! Thanks to those that came out for our Spring Break Potluck and Games last month. This month, we return to more of what we love - singable songs and uplifting speakers, poems, and Doing Your Best. Do you remember any songs your teachers taught you in school? I can still sing a preposition song set to Yankee Doodle. (Ask me at Assembly!) Our speaker, Tom McFadden, has taken learning through music to the next level. Come enjoy hearing Tom perform a number for us and tell us about his journey making science rap music videos and inspiring kids to make their own!

March Meeting - Spring Break Potluck & Games

We’re having a Potluck-and-Games Social while making leadership changes! If weather is good, we can play in the park.

This meeting will nurture our social connections and sense of community through sharing food, face-to-face conversations, and fun games. Future Assemblies will continue to feature uplifting singing, inspiring readings, and scintillating speakers.

Sharing a potluck dish—and maybe even a family-friendly game—will help make our Potluck-and-Games Social a booming success!