October 2022: Remembrance

Each October we hold an Assembly with the theme of Remembrance. We will be performing a ceremony to remember the people that we’ve lost. If you would like, we invite you to bring a picture, an item, a story, or simply the name of someone that you loved and have lost. We will also have fall leaves available to place on our Remembrance table during the ceremony in honor of those we've lost.

  • Lincoln will host the meeting..
  • Josh Abadie will lead the ceremony and share some words with us.
  • Emily will give a reading.
  • Jean will give Doing My Best.
  • The band will lead us in singalongs.
  • Fire & Rain - James Taylor
  • Memories - Maroon 5
  • I Will Follow You Into the Dark - Death Cab for Cutie
  • Fix You - Coldplay