Can you imagine what it's like to see the world flat? How much of what we see do we take for granted? How would you drive, park, walk down stairs, play tennis, or dance with a partner?

Did you know that 5% of the population have asymmetric eyes and cannot see in 3D? Susanna Zaraysky will speak about her life seeing in 2D and the vision therapy she did to rewire her brain to see in more depth.

Musical guest songwriter Paul Svenson will be leading us in song with the help of our live band. We have inspiring stories and readings to further explore the way we see the world and how we might see more of it.

Doors open at 10:30am for coffee and donuts, and the event kicks off at 11:00am sharp. Everyone is welcome. We provide two babysitters, so bring the family.

Sunday Assembly is free of charge, but donations are gratefully accepted.

Free parking is available in our onsite parking lot, and street parking is also free on Sundays.