Past Events

Jan 2023: Resistance is Futile

retro-futuristic city
Member Steve Sergeant will be our speaker, giving us a presentation that’s been well-received by tech companies and computer, electronics and radio clubs. His "Model-T of Computers" talk explores two ground-breaking examples of technologies that changed our society. Each one changed how people live and how civilization works. As we evolve our technical skills, can we resist the social changes that they bring? Should we?

December 2022: Holiday Party

SASV is looking forward to brighter days coming soon! We're ordering a catered brunch in celebration of the winter solstice.

Join us for this first in-person winter solstice event in almost three years! We want it to be both a warm welcome to anyone who's been thinking of coming to SASV, and a heartfelt thank you to all our members who have continued to support us in myriad ways.

November 2022: Journey

Have you ever dreamed of being a nonstop traveler? SASV member, Donna Terman, turned that dream into reality. Together with her husband, Donna traveled worldwide for more than a year, starting in 2016. How did they come to this big decision, what was the planning process like, and what advice does Donna have for anyone considering long-term travel? Come hear Donna talk about the logistics of this travel adventure and how it all worked out!

October 2022: Remembrance

Each October we hold an Assembly with the theme of Remembrance. We will be performing a ceremony to remember the people that we’ve lost. If you would like, we invite you to bring a picture, an item, a story, or simply the name of someone that you loved and have lost. We will also have fall leaves available to place on our Remembrance table during the ceremony in honor of those we've lost.

September 2022: Keep Nature Beautiful

Our speaker this month is Deb with Keep Coyote Creek Beautiful. Keep Coyote Creek Beautiful is a community-driven organization with the vision of a vibrant Coyote Creek with clean waters, abundant wildlife, and natural beauty that everyone can enjoy. Deb will share how they mobilize resources and engage community members to become the creek’s advocates and caretakers. The programs they offer include action projects, educational events, and recreational activities, all to help people learn more and take care of Coyote Creek, located in the South Bay.

July 2022: Don't Be Serious

picture of happy child

After living in Thailand for the worst parts of Covid, SASV member Alicia will share highlights of her experience and what we can all learn from Thai culture: how to slow down, how not to take things too seriously, and how to show up for each other (and have fun doing it!).

More details are coming!

June 2022: Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice

It's time to celebrate the Summer Solstice. Get ready to sing some bright sunny pop songs, and bask in some warm gratitude for the sun and summer! We’ll also have Creative Space, Moment of Reflection, Doing Your Best, and Life Happens.

Outdoor potluck from noon to 1:00 pm. Last month's lunch was fun, so please bring a dish to share and stick around to chat with friends and meet newcomers!

May 2022: Reconnecting!

Join us for our first in-person Assembly in two years! We'll be singing along to great pop songs with the band, hearing from members of our congregation, and, in lieu of a speaker, we'll have some small group discussion time to connect with each other. And afterwards, especially for Mother’s Day, enjoy pizza and ice cream sundaes on us!

If you're not able to join us in person, you can still join us on Zoom. The link will be on Meetup for those who RSVP.